ACARA Offers Services For Individuals, Couples, and Families struggling to find solutions for compulsive sexual behaviour, trauma, grief, loss and stress-related issues.


What We Do

Our individual and group counseling program is designed specifically for male and female sex addicts and their spouses or partners. We treat people who are heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian. The program consists of individual counseling, couples and family counseling, group therapy and psycho-educational group work. We are licensed and certified masters level psychotherapists with certification is sex addiction. We have years of experience in treating sex addiction and sexual anorexia.( both addicts and their partners). Our program has proven to be highly effective in arresting sex addiction, empowering partners, repairing emotionally damaged relationships, and improving the quality of people’s lives.


Programs For Sexual Health


Comprehensive outpatient assessments with specific treatment recommendations by a Certified Sex Addiction therapist.

Group Therapy

Weekly intensive group therapy aimed at restoring sexual health. “Recovery Start Group.” The first 130 days. A group for individuals who are not able to go to inpatient treatment and want to have the benefit of  all that it entails. A program developed by Patrick Carnes, The Recovery Start program aims at helping the individual confront the disease and establish healthy connections to their sexuality. The program is a weekly two hour group commitment for 5 months. Research demonstrates that those who continue to practice the tools taught in this program establish long term recovery and relapse prevention.

Consulting For Professionals

We provide professional education and consultation to any licensed professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the area of sex addiction.

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions with a certified sex addiction therapist trained to facilitate individualized treatment goals.

Couples Therapy

With the goal of repairing emotionally damaged relationships. “A Couples Intensive.” A week-end for couples who have been wounded by addiction. Most couples feel isolated by this disease and believe no one else can understand their pain. They feel shame, anger and so different from others. In this weekend they will get to meet other couples who are experiencing similar feelings and pain. They will learn tools to assist in setting boundaries, re-establishing trust and uniting against the invader.