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Psycotherapist & Counsellor


After recognizing that the demand for services were not being provided for in the area, Paulette applied her vast experience in founding Addiction Counselling and Resource Associates (ACARA), which serves clients in Vancouver, the lower mainland and all parts of British Columbia, specializing in providing hope and healing for those persons and their families struggling to find solutions for compulsive sexual behavior. ACARA also provides assistance to people suffering from trauma, grief, loss, and stress-related issues and supervision for therapists, physicians and psychologists in the area of sex addiction.

Paulette has an extensive background in counselling, psychodrama, experiential therapy, somatic experiencing, equine therapy and teaching. She provides an eclectic approach to assisting clients find their purpose and true essence in life. A safe, nurturing and supportive environment is essential for growth and is the focus of her therapeutic relationship with her clients.

As a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Paulette Tomasson has routinely demonstrated the passion, vision, and dedication necessary to be considered among the elite. Paulette provides individual and group therapy to individuals and couples looking to enhance their experience in the world. In her practice she addresses stress related disorders, trauma, addictions, life issues and healthy sexuality. Paulette also provides Skype sessions for those clients not able to attend the office.

During her collegiate career, Paulette earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle, Washington. She is a member of the Canadian Registered Nurses Association, the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, B.C. Association of Registered Clinical Counsellors, and the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health. Paulette also acts as a presenter at conferences ie. The World Conference of Family Physicians.

In addition, Paulette was the recipient of an Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice in 2005. Paulette shares that another proud moment for her was when she received the Friend of Guatemala Award in 2006 from OPSA in Guatemala City for her work in addictions and trauma.

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Paulette is the author of Sensuous and Sultry: Sex is for the Courageous, an interesting and educational read for the sexually mature as well as the sexual novice. For most people expression of their sexuality has been imposed upon them by their culture, their spiritual beliefs and family rules. Today the media is filled with mixed messages about sexuality and sexual expression and this can lead to confusion and sometimes overwhelm. This book will help you wade through the confusion and find what is true and authentic for you. 

In Sensuous and Sultry, Paulette Tomasson describes 6 types of sex, and the vows and curses that impact the expression of our sexuality. She encourages the reader to explore the beliefs regarding their sexuality, and provides simple and straight forward education regarding healthy and joyful sexuality. Simple exercises are provided for the reader to begin the exploration of their healthy sexuality. You can purchase Sensuous and Sultry: Sex is for the Courageous from Amazon.


Paulette is a dynamic educational speaker who has presented at the World Conference of Family Physicians, the International Human Unity Conference, Grand Medical Rounds and many professional and humanitarian conferences in Canada, the United States and Central America. Paulette is currently booking speaking engagements for the 2015 calendar. Her talks will be based on her new book Sensuous and Sultry: Sex is for the Courageous.